The Emergency Seatbelt Sleeve for children


For your child’s safety the ICEbelt is approved to BS EN 71 Part 3:2013

What is ICE?


The acronym  stands for ‘in case of emergency’. The  program was founded by paramedic Bob Brotchie to help emergency services & hospital staff rapidly contact families in emergency situations. The objective of  is to speed-up responses, in doing so, saving lives in emergency situations where difficulties are experienced in trying to communicate vital information such as medical details & next of kin. The  program is now active throughout the UK, Europe, Australia & North America.

About ICEbelt – The  Seat Belt Sleeve


The inspiration behind belt came from an american article encouraging parents to write their children’s: names, medical info. & next of kin details, onto the sides of their children’s car seats, so that in the event of a road traffic accident the children’s details could be accessed quickly by first responders. in theory, we thought this was an amazing idea, as it had always been a concern when our own young children have been out & about in the car, either with us, family or friends, that if there was an emergency situation, how would anyone know who our children were, or who to contact if the driver was unable to communicate? Many children would not be able to provide reliable information. After searching the internet and major retail stores, we were unable to find a product that would identify our children and provide emergency services with immediate access to their details- hence the ICEbelt was borne.

How does the ICEbelt work?


Personalised in minutes, attached in seconds, the belt is a universal children’s seatbelt sleeve that, when completed, will contain your child’s: photograph, identification, vital medical info. & two next of kin  contacts. Simply attach a recent / good likeness photograph, complete the child’s details on the card provided, and attach the belt to your child’s seatbelt. the belt bears the acronym ICE & has been designed to correspondwith the colours of the ambulance service / paramedics & police force.

Positioning of your ICEbelt


The belt is a conventional seat belt sleeve designed to provide the emergency services with immediate access to a child’s essential details. In addition to the obvious benefits, the belt is: comfortable, can be attached in seconds, and is appealing to children of all ages.

The belt’s prime purpose however, is safety, and it is recommended that, as with any conventional seat belt sleeve, the child car-seat manufacturer is consulted to ensure that the performance of the seat is not adversely affected.

There are varying types of child car seat and it is important that seat belt sleeves are attached to ensure optimal safety. The below illustrations indicate the recommended areas of attachment.

The correct seat belt sleeve position for all the above child car seats, is for the seat belt sleeve to be attached to the seat belt of the car. attaching a seat belt sleeve directly to the harness of a childs seat belt may reduce the effectiveness of the harness.

Booster Seat

Rear Facing
Portable Car Seat

Standard Forward
or Rear Facing Seat

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Instruction Leaflet


AN Instruction leaflet should be provided within each belt.

Additional copies may be downloaded by clicking onto the download button below.

In order to maximise the effectiveness of your belt it is important that the instructions are carefully read & are at all times strictly adhered to.

The belt should only be attached to the specific seat belt that is securing the corresponding child.
To avoid confusion with the emergency services, If the child is not a passenger,
the belt should not be within the vehicle.



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